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                    LATE BREAKING NEWS! 
The world's largest pyramid has been found.  It is bigger than all of downtown Los Angeles; and it is MAYAN!   The Popul Vuh is in hieroglyphivcs and pre-date the Spanish Conquistadores' arrival by 1,000 years!  
 see the video here:

Mayan with Mustache? Yes, strange huh?

The Mayan Indians of Mexico, Guatemala, Northern Honduras, Belize and El  Salvador have astounded the modern world with their expertise in pyramid building, their artistic abilities, their knowledge of mathematics including the concept of the number “0”,  and their vast concepts of the planets and the Milky Way galaxy.


Since 1983, I have studied their culture extensively and would like to share what I have learned with others.  To facilitate the comprehension of the vast wealth of information I have on hand to date,  I have organized the data by dividing it into  eleven  sub-divisions.


Having lived just 40 minutes from Copán, Honduras, the scientific center  of the Mayans for more than eleven years enhanced my interest and personal involvement even more.  I hope the information I’m making available to you will stimulate your interest in the amazing Mayans!


** I currently live in central Mexico,  where the Chichimecas lived until 1024 AD.  Artifacts such as broken pottery and burned walls of their houses can still be found very near here.  If you are interested in making a short archaeological tour, I'll be happy to be your guide.   


     - Charles E. Spurgeon, PhD 

       Mex. Tel. +52 (474) 725-2238

       Dallas, Tx line (214) 778-5473  (rings in Mexico)

Charles Spurgeon Ph. D.

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