Discoveries in 2012

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1)     A white jar in the shape of a conch shell was found in El Perú-Waka by archaeologists.  The jar depicted the head and arm of a woman at the opening.  She appeared as an older lady with wrinkles and some haie in front of one ear.  The jar was small, alabaster vessel which also bore four glyphs.  The translation of the glyphs resulted in the knowledge that it belonged to Queen Kábel.  It was found in her burial tomb.
     Queen Kábel was more powerful than her husband, the King.   She ruled from about 672AD to about 692AD.  There is a Mayan stela (statue) that is now in the Cleveland, Ohio Art museum.  She rules over the military forces of the Wak kingdom.  She carried the title of Kaloomte, which is translated as the Supreme Warrior.  El Perú-Waka is about 46 miles west of the famous "Tikal" in the Petén region of Guatemala.
2)   La Corona, Guatemala.  The end date of 2012 has been found in only 2 places.  The new discovery was the second site.   There was an old, deteriated structure which had not been valdalized.  Here, on an old staircase was the two hundred year history of La Corona.   Apparently there had been a visit by most powerful ruler of that time in the year 696AD.  His name was Yuknoom Yich´k´.  He was from Calakmul.  Since there were many wars among the Mayas, he had the date 2012 inscribed.  This is thought not to have been a prophecy of the end time, but rather to depict a continuity for his people.