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Archaeologist William Safuturno has found in an old home over 1,200 years old in Guatemala. The calculations on the walls don't show a 2012 date, but about 7,000 years in our future!  This is the first know Mayan house art found.  The home resemples a jungle covered mound, rediscovered nearly a century ago but largely not excavated until 2012. There are lioterally thousands of buried structures  in a 12 square mile area. 
    On the north wall of the house are "long count" dates, one of which is nearly 7,000 years in our future.  Many of these date are probably astronomical events such as lunar eclipses or movement of planets such as Venus and Mars.  This debunks the 2012 doomsday theory.
    On another wall of the house are small markings which apparently are importanjt calenday cycles like 260 day Mayan calendar,  the 365 day solar calendar, and the delineal orbits of Venus and Mars.  (see photos below)






Below is another new find

Here is the  home of Lucas Asicona Ramirez of Guatemala.  He lives in the village of Chajul. They live and cook in this room.   His home is over 300 years old.  Some of the stucco began to fall away from the wall behind.  They removed more and more to find  Mayan murals.
    Archaeologist Jaroslaw Zralka believes the painting were created sometime after the 16th century Spanish conquest of Guatemala.
    The painting shows figures walking in a procession line, and some of the figures may be holding human hearts.  The figures are dressed in a mixture of tradional Mayan and Spanish clothing.
    Below are 3 photos:

Living room-dining room-Kitchen