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The Lake of Dreams or Lake of Dreamers (Lacus Somniorum in Latin) is the largest of the lunar areas designated as "Lake".   The center of it's  selenographic coordinates  is 38°N latitude and 29.2°E longitude.  It is a "plain" with a diameter of 237 miles.  To it's southwest, this plain connects to the Sea of Serenity through a wide gap that passes to the


north of the crater Posidonius.  The first photo below is the Lake of Dreams.  Following are two photos of Crater Posidonium. This crater is 58.6 miles in diameter, and has a depth of 1.42 miles.  It's coordinates


are 31.8°N  29.9°E.  It is on the southern edge of the Lake of Dreams, and on the western edge of the Sea of Serenity.  Note that it's floor is fractured. The last photo is of the mysterious floor of the Lake.




One of it's spectacular attractions is the large Crater


Daniell, which is oval shaped with a width of 14.2


miles and a north to south length of 18.5 miles. 


It's center coordinates are 35.3°N latitude and


31.1°E longitude.




To the southeast of Crater Daniell, is the monolithic


Crater Posidonius, with it's straight up towering walls


which can be seen for many miles.  The plains area


inside Posidonius is 58.64 miles in diameter, and


has a depth of 1.42 miles.  Posidomius is on the


northern edge of the Lake of Dreams, with center


coordinates of 31.8°N latitude and 29.9°E longitude.




To the north of the Crater Daniell lies the Crater


Grove, near the northern edge of the Posidonius


formation.  Grove has a diameter of 17.27 miles


and a depth of 1.48 miles.  It's coordinates are


40.3°N latitude and 32.9°E longitude.  The Lake


of Dreams is situated in the northeastern sector


of the near side of the moon.  These smaller,


unique craters offer an excellent opportunity for


sightseeing and as well as for the exploration


of mining in the near future. 











                               Photo #1 is the Lake of Dreams


                               Photo #2 is the Posidonius Crater


                               Photo #3 is the Posidonius Crater


                               Photo #4 is the Crater Daniell


                               Photo #5 are the Craters Hercules and Atlas