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The Sea of Serenity  (Mare Serenitatis in Latin)  is 416 miles

in diameter, and has it's center coordinates at 28.0°N latitude

and 17.5°E longitude.  It is the "left eye" in the "Man in the

Moon".  In the "Sailor Moon" it was the former location of 

"The Moon Kingdom".  The basin is chiefly basalt, a dark,

fine-grained igneous rock.


The Sea of Serenity is gaining in popularity partly

because of a mysterious object with a number of 90°

angles located in the southwest quadrant at coordinates

19.58° 48' 31"N latitude and 21° 11' 35.57" E

longitude, visable on Google Earth.  This object

was discovered by NASA while reviewing satellite photos.

(see photo #6  below).  Photo #2 is the Crater Posidonius. 

Photo #3 is the Bessel Crater.  Photos #4 is an Astronaut

in the Sea of Serenity.  Photo 5 is looking across the Sea

of Serenity.& 5 is where the  Photo #6 is the mysterious

object; and photo#7 is it's location in the Sea.


Another notable feature is the Crater Posidonius on

the northern rim, with coordinates 31.8°N  29.9°E.

It is the 2nd photo below. Not that it has a fracrured

floor. The Sea of Serenity is connected to the Sea

of Tranquility to it's southwest.   The Sea of Serenity

is one of the few lunar areas with a higher gravitational

attraction.  Both Lunar 21 and Apollo 17 landed near

the eastern border.


The Monnier Crater  on the eastern edge is where

the robotic Lunar 21 crossed 22.8 miles of it's 37.6

miles diameter.  It has a depth of 1.48 miles.  It's

center coordinate is 26.6°N latitude and 30.6°E

longitude.  The western portion of the crater is

missing, where once lava flowed down, forming a

large bay. It is a sight to behold!

The Bessel Crater in the south central region has

a beautifil bowl shape! It is only 9.88 miles in diameter,

and has a depth of 1.05 miles.  It's coordinates are

21.8°N latitude and 17.9°E longitude.  This would

be a super interesting place to explore! 





 In the photos below, #1 is a map of the Sea of Serenity.

Photo #2 the Crater Bessel

Photo #3 is the Sea of Serenity

Photo #4 is an Astronaut on the Sea of Serenity

Photo #5 is the Crater Posidonius

Photo #6 is the mysterious object with 90° angles in the SW quadrant

Photo #7 is a map depicting the location of the strange object